Nazar Kimya started in 1982 in Istanbul with a production area of ​​500 m2.

As of 2007, it has been serving its commercial activities in its factory, which has a closed area of ​​7000 m2 in the Istanbul Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone, with an annual capacity of 68,000 tons, with a fully automated machine park where all the high standards of technology are used and its knowledge.

It is the industry leader in the production of soft soap and liquid arabic soap.

It is among the top 3 producers in bleach production.

Nazar Kimya, which adopts the importance of R&D projects as a principle, closely follows all scientific and technological developments.

Nazar Kimya makes production with its own brands and private labels domestically and abroad, ensuring that consumers reach quality products at affordable prices.

Nazar Kimya attaches importance to the understanding of "clean production" as much as its understanding of quality production.

Reaching clean water, in the International Declaration of Humanity,

It has been defined as one of the most basic rights for people.

Nazar Kimya targets its production without harming
the nature and consumer health.

Nazar Kimya is aware that access to clean products is also a human right. All products produced with this awareness; It aims to produce without harming the nature and consumer health both during the production process and after the use of the product.

Our company attaches great importance to the Private Label sector, and Private Label constitutes 50% of its annual production.

Working with Turkey's largest national retail group chemistry Nazar serves domestic production support to a foreign organization.

Nazar Kimya is located in the international platform as an institution with 100% Turkish capital, with its staff, who believe in its competent institution and success, and its strong knowledge.